Linda Zepere

linda2 LZ4I was born and raised in the small but beautiful country of Latvia. Shortly after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Latvia, I moved to the United States, where three years later I received my MBA.

About four and a half years ago I decided to take pottery classes and I was fortunate enough to find Neil Estrick Gallery (located in Grayslake, IL). What started as a hobby, turned into passion / addiction, which then turned into a full-time job. Once I am at the studio (aka second home) I loose track of time and forget about everything else…

I prefer working with stoneware but once in a while I enjoy playing with porcelain. I am most influenced by the beauty of nature – flowers, trees, animals. I also believe that my background and cultural heritage can be seen in my work.

All of my designs come from my heart. I create each piece with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.
I love adding details to my pieces to make them unique and one of a kind.

Feel free to visit my website to see more of my work … Claymates pottery